Need a good lucky spell

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Need a good lucky spell
Post # 1
I need to know of a good luck spell or prayer to help me get a dog that I want to adopt. I sent in an application and I really want to boost my chances of getting her. I was hoping someone could direct me to a very smile good luck spell. thank you
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Re: Need a good lucky spell
Post # 2
I wish you good luck in this, pets are a fantastic way to gain a best friend.
(I'm an animal person :P)

Anyway, luck spells tend to be fairly simple, so why don't you look one up right quick and use it to form/write your own?
If you do this, the spell you end up using will be more personal and in that, a bit more favorable to your intentions.
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Re: Need a good lucky spell
Post # 3
should i use a special candle? im not very good a writing my own spell lol haha
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Re: Need a good lucky spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Try fast red luck oil. You can find it in most metaphysical shops and online stores and you can also make it. I've never used it personally, but I've heard it produces results. I would personally mark any application papers you have with it or if you don't want to harm the paper, put them in a ziploc bag and then slip that into an envelope marked with the oil. You can add a few drops of the oil to ink and write your desire on the envelope with it. Be sure your desire is firm "bring "name of dog" home with me" or ""name of dog" is mine to care for". The confidance in the statement will reflect on the magick. If you took a picture of the dog, add it to the envelop or mark the picture with an attracting oil/herb. An easy to find attracting ingredient is lemons.
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Re: Need a good lucky spell
Post # 5
Candles are extremely versatile, you can do many things to an individual candle to help produce the desired outcome.

Something I like to tell people is that specific color that applies to particular psychological effects is not the only thing you can try, an easier one for beginners might be to try carving your spell or a few words into the side of a white, grey, or brown (neutral colors) candle that expresses your intention. Cast a spell with it.

Also something I like to suggest for beginners is a good luck charm. Find a little piece or trinket you hold dearly or have some kind of sentimental connection with, charge it, and take it with you to interviews.

Now working with oils aren't my strongest point (herbology and all that lol) but they are extremely useful in general practice even to beginners. So take your pick, my suggestions and WhiteRaven's are each good and easy to use. Luck spells and luck magic is generally fairly easy to use and work with, and rarely has particularly difficult consequences to handle in the long run.
Just be careful with whatever you do, don't be scared to explore your options a bit, again these are only 3 examples out of hundreds of solutions you might could look to.
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