spell to get 'better'

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spell to get 'better'
Post # 1
okay, if you feel detached from your magic, or from anything really, i kinda found something that helped a lot. i was feeling detached and very foggy. i looked up something on here, but found nothing on it except an aura cleaning. i started to do that, then thought of something. i'm a huge music fan so i thought, 'why not lose myself?' it's worked for me before.

how to do so:

all you really do is pick a song. a song you know start to finish and just is your favorite. cut off all lights and forms of commutication with anyone, then just let the music swallow you. lose yourself in it. then slowly return throughout the song. on your way back, pick up only what you want. if you think of what you're trying to avoid, it's not going to work. pick up anything and everything that you want to. by the end of the song, you should be singing or at least lip-singing and moving with the music and just into it completely. then, pick a song that is random and be yourself. by the time you start listening to the second one, you should have what you want in your mind, and you should only have the troubles as a memory, there but not engulfing you.

hope this helps, and even though it sounds stupid, at least try it? it helped me and my friend, who were both blocked by something and could not get through.

well um leave comments and tell me if it worked?
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Re: spell to get 'better'
Post # 2
with any martial and spiritual art, you don't lose yourself. if your foggy and unable to focus its time to stop before you make a mistake. like if your making Solomonic Pentacles, you can get nasty spiritual whip lash for days afterwords. Easiest way is to just rest, leave and seal your practices. Dont get greedy
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