Hi! I'm new... here.

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Hi! I'm new... here.
Post # 1
Hi, I'll introduce myself and then explain why I'm here. I'm Nick.

I'm 24 and consider myself intuitive and perceptive, but I don't actively refine my skills anymore. I've worked with Tarot (Osho Zen deck... it's colorful!), I've been attuned up to Reiki III, and I was attuned to a healing system known as Rising Star (if anyone's heard of it).

I've never done spells before, mostly meditations and self reflections. I've become convinced that my inner reality creates my outer reality and the art of magic is really master ourselves.

I've had trouble with money my whole life. My mother was full of self doubt and poverty, and I believe I adopted her traits to establish an attachment to her (unconsciously) and so, my whole life, poverty and self-doubt has been my "happy spot". Now that I've become aware of this, I'd radically like to change it. I found a website where you can "buy spells" and... I don't know. I ordered a money spell once, long ago, from a different site and nothing ever came from it. I don't know why I want to try this new site, I guess I feel desperate.

So I'm here to look for help. I want to cleanse myself because right now I don't even have the $20 to buy the basic money spell and I don't have the confidence to cast my own. I'm going to start reading the forums and I hope to interact with some of you. Maybe I'll have an answer here and finally heal my past (and finally get my business off the ground, if I could just find money to invest in it).

Hi everyone! I hope I'm in the right place!
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Re: Hi! I'm new... here.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM, nick. :)
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Re: Hi! I'm new... here.
Post # 3
Hello: welcometo SOM, I hope you find many friends here to learn and share the knowlege.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Hi! I'm new... here.
Post # 4
If you want we could be friends, im more a aura user and shadows manipulator, but if you want we could be friends
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