Astral travellling help?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Astral travellling help?

Astral travellling help?
Post # 1
I really want to astral project.My parents can't help as they are definently not spiritual.How DO I astral project?
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Re: Astral travellling help?
Post # 2
lay in a completely dark room amagine a gray rope coming out of your body then amagine a gray you climbing it and have fun
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Re: Astral travellling help?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Uh, You should have decent reason for wanting that, not just for thrills and then You might get more prominent in it. Also, try different methods, someone likes rope method , someone ladder method, someone like special breathing regime, some use ritual.

Try enhancing Your attempt s with Ap oil ( there is a good formula here ) , or Kunzite crystals, Sodalite , placed on brow chakra etc.

Good luck
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Re: Astral travellling help?
Post # 4
It's late so I'll keep it short, promise. :)

Astral Travel is not necessarily a spiritual concept, spiritual refers to anything working with or on higher power, enlightenment, ego, afterlife, spiritual religion, etc...

Astral Travel can be seen as a very scientific theory regarding the splitting of your conscious. There are different ways to look at it, there is the subtle body theory, there are several more spiritual theories, and there is hypothetical remote viewing like concept...

Typically everyone projects one way or another. Astral projection (being one form of astral travel) is a lot more common than people often expect. You probably have successfully mental (another form) and astral projected at least a dozen times in your life mistaking it for a day dream, fantasy, or an actual dream.

I suggest just looking up different ways to project, trying the more basic methods and you'll eventually come to the one that really suits you.

My quick advice is to never push yourself too hard, so don't exhaust yourself. Travel is a very naturally occurring aspect and you shouldn't feel you have to strain yourself.

Get your rest, learn to relax, learn to focus, and learn to relax and focus simultaneously.
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