how to charge an item

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how to charge an item
Post # 1
hello, i am doing a spell, and i need to charge an item, the item i need to charge needs to be charged with love, and many other things, how would you go about charging an item? ive seen so many articles on how to charge an item but none of them are the same, i need the real way to do it, and help would be very much appreciated, thankies :) many blessings
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Re: how to charge an item
Post # 2
You saw so many methods because there are many (legit) methods. This is what i do; If your just chargeing for love, hold it in your hand, think of how love feels for as long as you can stand, imagein a red/purple light drifting from your heart, down your arms and into the object. You could also leave it sitting in a bowl of cinnamon and nutmeg (for a lusty love). Do this frequently though, until you get good it will fade quickly. I suggest the first one, and doing it often. Oh and btw, love always comes wen your not looking for it:)
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Re: how to charge an item
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
These are good suggestions. I have a few more.

For charging an item, I suggest you use your right hand. The right hand pushes energy, the left takes it in. If you were trying to take energy out of an item you would use your left hand.

This is regardless of whether you are right or left handed. It's possible to do these things with the other hand, but its much harder. Energy naturally flows out of the right hand and into the left.

I also suggest focusing on pouring or pushing the feeling into the item. Different items will accept energy in different ways. If you find the item resisting, maybe you need to get a different item, or maybe the item needs to be prepared in some way. Put a symbol on the item, or consecrate it with some essential oil (be careful with these, follow the instructions because they're strong). Then it might accept the energy better.

Good luck, mail me if you have questions.
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Re: how to charge an item
Post # 4
an intresting fact id like to add that suporta last post, left handed people are known for shorter lives than right handed people, and you may have heard of the left/right hand paths. i never thought before that chargeing an item or connecting could difer between hands, great post!
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