Research with background

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Research with background
Post # 1
I lack the book knowledge or proper terminology, if someone could help me find ways to learn it, i would be greatful

I do research and I don't know the terminology to use for my discoveries.
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Re: Research with background
By: / Novice
Post # 2
that's a big request, mind narrowing it down a little bit? Books by Raymond Buckland are good, but there are plenty of articles here, if you click articles you'll find the most helpful ones, or type in what you're looking for into the search engine on the top.
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Re: Research with backgro
Post # 3
I agree, that is a HUGE request. Books can be dificult if you dont have the right ones, many are limited to one particular type of magic or practice. SoM can be very helpful, at the very least for finding terms. If your like me, you dont exaclty have the cash to go buy a bunch of books, so Id just find a term, google it, and check ateast a few websights describeing each term (so you dont get stuck with one narrow minded opinion). I realy wish I coukd answer this myself, as it woukd be fun to answer, but I would be typeing all day, and still not finish. I have been working with all kinds of magic for 5 years, and I am just begining to get to a point of any sort of real knowledge, so just be patient, and dont give up:) it son
uomds like you already know some, but just dont know the terms. Terms are important for learning, and is a great place to start. Best luck to ya!!!
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Re: Research with background
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Illes should help you to understand the terminology. Its basically a huge witch's dictionary. It would be seen as unnecessary to those who already know the terminology and such, but its a good reference for someone like yourself.
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Re: Research with background
Post # 5
i ask a huge question because i dont know anything, so i dont know how to spesfify
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