Pain from Dream

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Pain from Dream

Pain from Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Last night, I had a dream that me and someone were police officers and that we had to go to see someone who was believed to be bad(Don't remember exactly what she had done.) So when I got there me and my partner hid back to back behind a bush. The lady came up and shot both of us(with a gun) and I woke up immediantly with stomach ache. My stomach's been sore in the exact spot I was shot all day long, and there's even a little bruise.

What do you think happened?
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Re: Pain from Dream
Post # 2
Maybe your dream was reacting to something that might have been going on while you were sleeping. Maybe you hurt yourself unknowingly. But there could still be a magical answer. Maybe it was astral projectry, but I don't know if that can cause harm on your body.
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Re: Pain from Dream
Post # 3
Well, remember the mind extremely powerful, the ache and pain could possibly be a mental situation. And your mind believes it to be real, it's a very interesting process. I suggest meditating on the problem, writing the dream down, and trying to interpret it.

I've had that too, though the pain hasn't extended throughout the day, it's possible you actually have some medical problem, and it's not spiritual or magickal, it's less dramatic, but probably more likely. :)
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Re: Pain from Dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This is an interesting pheonomenon I've both experienced and heard of time and time again. It isn't astral projection nor is it an attack. Our subconscious is very powerful and when we believe something with all of our hearts it manifests and causes change (a law of magick) therefore when we dream (where nothing but our subconscious reality exists) it can, although rarely ever does, cause a physical manifestation upon ourselves. I hope this helps. You may want to protect yourself at night. What this does is tells your subconscious that when you sleep you are 100% safe and such things can be avoided.

If I was too technical, I'll simplify it-- your dreams took shape. You'd probably be great at dreamwork if you had the patience for it. Magick practioners throughout the ages have utilized their dreaming state to produce a goal they desire. As was said, the mind is a powerful thing =)
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