Need help:(

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Need help:(
Post # 1
Ummm well I just want to know the best way to find my element....
I know its the one that feels closer to you but um well I kind of feel close to all of them. I love them all so yeah help?
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Re: Need help:(
Post # 2
The way it most often works in my experience is that whatever sign you are in the zodiac, and what that sign corresponds with, is your element. I am a Gemini, so I am an air. Though there are also other methods to help with finding it out. For example, there is the LaVeyan synthesizer clock, which can help if you have no clue (*NnFynT1FjlYyv0K5JX0iRGZxlknD0iUug1vxvvrorqpm4l0M3jONFpvQdvtHcQhhPJ8F4J-zOZ*MKArwT2PDNaHYQb0/TSWclock.jpg)h
Also, you can try meditating if this works not. Another possibility is that you are a cusp, which is when one is more than one element, this is generally uncommon though possible. Good luck!
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Re: Need help:(
Post # 3
Thank you
My sign is Scorpio.....
but I will check the site out..
thank you very much!
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Re: Need help:(
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well I'll quote many others and say two things: 1. Your astrological sign doesn't necessary accurately determine your element it is more the one you feel closest to. 2. You don't have to have one specific element but can work with all of them.
I'm kinda shocked you don't feel drawn to one element than another but why let one element hold you back? What I mean is people locate there element because working with a element they are drawn to is often easier and more....powerful because they are drawn to it. You by your own admission feel equally drawn to all elements so why not work with all of them? I'm also not saying your astrologically determined element is incorrect as I feel drawn to air and my sign says my element is air, but as I said I feel drawn to it. Just do what feels right to you.
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Re: Need help:(
Post # 5
Haha thank you!
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Re: Need help:(
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I'm not much drawn to any specific element either. The four, earth, air, fire, and water, are part of all that is physical. Spirit influences everything. I feel that in seeking one, we are unbalanced. And even if we are otherwise pulled in one direction, that is when we can most stand to learn from what would appear to be our "opposite."

Learn what the energies of the elements represent. I'll mail you a post where I've spoken of it.
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Re: Need help:(
Post # 7
My cousin once told me that if you're naturally good at one thing and need to work hard to learn the other, you should always work hard to learn all of it collectively. If you give up time learning the thing you are good at in favour of what you are not, then your abilities in the former will start to fray.

He was referring to learning to play the bass guitar, however, I feel this may be applied here. I believe if you feel strongly for all the elements, then I agree with NimirRaj and AwakeTooLong. Maybe you should learn them all.

Slightly off topic sorry!! Hope this helps, if only a little.
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