the rumors

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the rumors
Post # 1
Ok, so I have heard that there is possibly a war going on in the astriall plane right now. I have read Truecat's foruma and i beleive him. I need help.... I have had dreams and talked to spirits about it. It actually seems quite possible. if anyone here has read Truecat's forum then please coment on hear on your own personall beleives. OR if anyone here has had strange dreams with visions of war, or have had spirits mention it to them please please comment on here! if you have not had these experences and are just going to say that its fake please dont wast time i didnt belive it at first either.... so if you can please please coment on here with what ever information you have.
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Re: the rumors
By: / Novice
Post # 2
do you have a link to the forum post, or where it is or when you read it?

personally i haven't heard of it, not saying i don't believe you, when i project i'm alone with nothing really there. the only other creatures except me are dragons where i go. Rori [spirit] hasn't said anything, but i'll ask him, though i don't think he goes there, he's more content in the physical realm messing with people and my cat.
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Re: the rumors
Post # 3
ok, because when i conversed with my spirit animal he told me that it would come or something ill ask him more about it
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Re: the rumors
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
hm...the only thing that comes to mind, is the spiritual war, the theistic (spiritual) satanists are wageing, with their milenia old enemys
its possible this is what they were refurring to in a sence, though if it is, dont worry to much, as it seems to be almost over, atleast thats what they say, however, if your worried about more worried of such on THIS plane of existence...(earth, not the internet) as the world is quite literaly, teetering on the edge of world war three
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Re: the rumors
Post # 5
truecats a girl sorry for correcting she is saying the ap world is going to war are you sure she said that hmmmm ill talk to her about it and keep you inform.
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