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Name: Vitki
Location: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gender: Male
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-.- got Gagged for one NO in the chatter, in the middle of a sentince, sorry guys, but that is not a violation of the chatter rules

please refur to the account Vitkar to contact me

name:why should i tell you my real name?

religion: was first a mormon, then went to druidry, dabbled in wicca for a week, then went to asatru, became a theistic satanist, and back to Asatru because of the overly racist community. thus, i shall stay

age:er...why do you want to know my age o~o lest just say that im alot more mature then most people within 10-15 years of my age

"blessed be my freinds and allies, but woe unto the damned fools who be mine enemy" ~Gadamlu

hello, i am vitki, tis old norse for magician, i have studied runic magic the most, compared to all the other forms of metaphysics i have dabbled in, and am currently interested in learning about, sigils, servitors, thought-forms, and god-forms, or the Tulpa and will be appreciated if one could aid me in learning that

i am also a big lordi fan, watch the epicness of this vid!

note, i may speak in third person, sorry if i do, heh heh

and, a little note of importance, in my 5 years (wow, that long?) of magic, i have found, that the greater the need, the better chance magic will work, and the more powerful it will be. this, coupled with an unfortunate mental block i have, has led me to very rarely practice magic nowadays, unless there is a great need for it, thus, my magic ends up working all the time, perhaps it is because i cast for loved ones morso then me? anyway, i can however, answer most questions one has on the occult and magic, and if i cant, i can direct you in the right place



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