lost dreams

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lost dreams
Post # 1
about 3 years ago imy dreams just stoped and it is very rear for me to dream and i so loved to go to bed and dream the night away is there any spell to get my ddreaming going again or is there anything else to do to try and restore my dreams for when i go to sleep , if any one has any ideas i would be most greatfull .
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Re: lost dreams
Post # 2
Here's a great site that gives several tips on dream recollection:
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Re: lost dreams
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It isn't that you're not dreaming. We dream everynight whether we remember them or not. You're just not remembering them.

Before going to sleep, fall asleep to the mantra "I will remember my dreams". It sounds silly but I do this everynight for a week before asking for questions to be answered through my dreams to make sure I will remember any answers given.

Eventually you will begin remembering bits and pieces. When you wake, don't get up right away. Try not to move at all. People who don't have good dream recall are usually ones who jump out of bed immediately. Think back about that night and go over any dreams or fragments you remember. Once you've consciously gone over anything that was recalled that night, sit up SLOWLY, continuing to concentrate on what you remember. Have a notebook and pen ready at the side of your bed. Write down every detail that you remember. This should be also done if you wake up in the middle of the night too.

Do this everynight for 2 weeks and you'll notice a big difference. Do it for a month and you'll begin remembering full dreams, sometimes even multiple ones depending on how consistent you are with this method.
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Re: lost dreams
Post # 4
thank you white rav3n for the reply i will so try what you said ,and i do jump out of bed ,to fast some times but nice one ,i suppose we do dream but i never thought i could not remember them i just thought they had gone . your advice will be used again thanks .lygra xxoxx
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