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Refresh my mind
Post # 1

I recently started on this site and I'm seeing individuals speak about their spell casting or to "tell friends about your spell casting" is wrong? I believe I read it in a book sometime ago but it's been awhile since I haven't done a spell so please! Help refresh my memory.

Thank you.
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Re: Refresh my mind
Post # 2
The reason we encourage that you not tell your friends is to protect your self esteem, as well as to help you keep with spell casting. Many of your friends could ridicule you, or shun you because of the path you have chosen, which can be very devastating to many young witches. Also, as doctor oz said it, the more you profess your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it.

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Re: Refresh my mind
Post # 3
While I do have to agree with you Scrupulous that telling your friends is a risky bet because you can be teased, bullied and isolated due to your practice of magick. I don't agree with, "the more you profess your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it." The reason for this is because I believe in the "Law of Attraction," which when looked carefully is much like magickal spells, just done differently. Though that is just my opinion.

Another of my opinions is that it depends how you declare your goals and how you feel while declaring your goals that also affects the Law of Attraction, just like magiick. Explaining would take some time so I'll stop here and respond to redmoon6's question.

Disagreeing aside, redmoon6, it's not that telling your friends that you practice magick is wrong, it's just that it's risky. You don't know that if they will still be your friends in the end. People with experience will often try to force you to the easiest route with as little pain as possible. I'm not against that, but no one truly knows what's going to happen in life. Trust your instincts as much as you trust anyone else's word.
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Re: Refresh my mind
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Wicca.
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Re: Refresh my mind
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
There is so much ignorance in this world, there always has been and always will be. But one thing has changed dramatically, and that is, with the uprising of Christianity came the demise of the respect we held in society. That respect dwindles farther when authors write about magick as though it is an easy way to get whatever we want in life. Or better yet, ones like Silver RavenWolf that seemed to have been writing under the influence of some drug that makes raccoons talk to her. Then enters the "fluffies". Now not only are we trying to recover from the blow we received from Christianity, but we also have to deal with people butchering our reputation by running around on broomsticks, trying to shoot fire out of their hands and proclaiming they are a ladybug.

So if you're going to tell someone, make sure they are open minded to begin with and have a lot of free time in order to give you a chance to fully explain yourself. I suggest bringing up a topic in passing to see what their response is. If they say "all witches go to hell"....then you may want to keep your mouth shut.

Personally, unless someone is very close to me, or they themselves are either interested or involved in the occult, I don't even bother.

Now what you may have read is never to tell someone about or let them witness your spellwork unless they are involved. This is actually important. It is common belief that if someone knows and disagrees or is skeptical, it can actually cause a counterforce against your will and the energy you are attempting to raise can be tainted or weakened. I never allow a skeptic to witness any of my work. On a psychological standpoint, a skeptic will not only distract you from your focus but can also reduce your confidance level; both of which can be problematic.
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Re: Refresh my mind
Post # 6
thank you all for replying. it has helped me to recognize from what feels right to wrong. i know a lot of people like my in-laws will be questioning about my pentacle necklace which to me,isn't about just witchcraft/wicca,it's about spirituality so i have no denying about my faith. i have a close friend that is also into this interest and i feel comfortable talking to her about what my workings are,etc,as so does she. my partner is somewhat curious so i only told him one spell but kinda felt i shouldnt have since it was casted upon him! lol oh well. just as long i dont go around telling everybody that i put a spell on them cause then i will defintely be an outcast! i truely believe in the law of attraction because without it,magic wouldn't happen and i wouldn't have gotten my wishes to come true.
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Re: Refresh my mind
Post # 7

Telling others of your spell work is considered a faux pa for many reasons. Having others know of what you are doing gives them a chance to try to stop it. In older times paganism was frowned upon. Many older practitioners still go by the belief that your work is stronger when others do not know that you are doing it, or what you are doing. Of course this changes a bit when you are in a coven. Real life covens (and some online ones) do their workings together for combined energy. In this case you would not be expected to hide what you do. Regardless, it really is your choice.

L.L.B xox


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