What to do now?

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What to do now?
Post # 1
Hope this is the right forum to put this question in.
I cast my very first spell last week and although it may be quite some months before i actually notice results from it i really feel it went well and i'm feeling very positive that it will work for me. I cast a second spell the next day and that worked straight away (as i hoped it would), i have also done a personal protection spell.

Now my questions is this: As i'm very new to casting spells, the advice seems to be to keep practicing, keep at it to help develop and strengthen your powers, thing is i don't just want to be casting spells for the sake of it but at the same time i'd like to keep practicing, so what are the best spells to do to help me practice but not for a specific outcome?
I hope i've explained myself ok :).

Thank you.
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Re: What to do now?
Post # 2
Hi Chookie, practise makes perfect but we don't need to cast spells daily or even weekly to enhance our 'powers'. I believe meditation is key as meditation itself can be magickal, we work with/on our inner energies. By getting into an 'altered state of mind' we can create a sacred place of learning, healing etc where we can visualise problems and if we don't like them we can use our magick to change them, all done within and without an Altar or tools. This works for me. Love and Light.
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Re: What to do now?
Post # 3
I must add, I do look forward to the actual casting though :-)
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Re: What to do now?
Post # 4
Hi Debs68

Thanks for your reply.
Thats a good idea about meditating, i struggle with it, and yet grounding i'm fine with :).
I had thought the only way foward was with the practicing of casting spells but now i know differently i will do more of the meditating.
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Re: What to do now?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

Casting magic is a part of daily life for me. I personally meditate each morning and evening. When I take as shower and brush my teeth I am cleansing my body and banishing negative energies. When I dress I weave a protective circle around me through the cloths and jewelry I put on. When I get into my car to drive I say a "prayer" for safe travels. When I cook I stir in good intentions and thoughts for the people who will consume the food. Life is magical and the things we do daily are the castings that help to shape our lives.

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Re: What to do now?
Post # 6
Thanks for the reply kts
I really like the idea of banishing negative energies when showering and brushing teeth, and the protective circle when getting dressed.
Hope you don't mind if i take your ideas and use them myself :)?
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Re: What to do now?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I do the same as kts. I don't see it as casting tho, it's a normal habit for me.

I use various color clothing for how I wish to effect my day. Bright colors. if I'm low on energy, earth tones if I need to be more grounded that day, black or blue when I desire a more protective energy, and purple when I am in need of extra creativity or need my intuition to be sharper that day.

My jewelry for that day is chosen in the same fashion based off of its material and what I have charged it with.

Sometimes I'll throw together a sachet of herbs and gemstones.

When I cook, I reflect on the ingredients and their meaning, and put thought and focus into the meal, especially if someone in my family is sick.

I'm always walking around barefoot unless outside. You couldn't keep shoes or socks on me as a child, or now. If it's warm, I'll go out and stand in the grass barefoot and ground myself, letting the energy of the day envelope me.

I live with a constant respect and awe for nature, and I am mindful of all energy that enters my body (food, drink, even air). It all has qualities that can aid you--body, mind, and spirit. Even the sun and moonlight that shines on you can be taken in to heal, clease, and protect.

Life itself is magickal, if you have the right mindset.

As for spells and ritual, it is only an occasional thing for me. I talk to the spirits and to nature itself more so than anything, not needing a reply. I don't really pray. I never felt comfortable with the concept. What will be, will be, and we make the most of what is now. If the future can be changed, then it is in our power to make that change with our own efforts made, be it through action, words, or magick.
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Re: What to do now?
Post # 8
Well said, Life itself is magical and mysterious. Just do what you want to do, as long as it can make you happy.. because if you are not happy on what you are doing, you would definitely struggle on it..
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