Be friend with spirit?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Be friend with spirit?

Be friend with spirit?
Post # 1
Hello, I read some article in this forum and heard about "be friend with spirit" If that can be done, anyone know how to calling them or talk to them? As a child, I try calling them in graveyard but nothing appear. I really need to be friend with them.
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Re: Be friend with spirit?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
why do you 'really need to be friends with them' might i ask? start by opening your third eye and working on your psychic abilities, it'll be easier to see/hear them. on samhain invite good spirits into your home, i'd avoid a ouija board though since many spirits don't like them. a pentagram might work better. there are three 'spells' i can think of off the top of my head, though the one i'll tell you is a chant i use to honour the spirit in your home.

before lighting incense say
'Spirit of this house,
take heart and live.
From every chamber,
this light i give.
To every corner,
this light i send.
Approve and favour my willing hand'

if i were you though, i wouldn't go around trying to bother spirits, bad things will happen.
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Re: Be friend with spirit?
Post # 3
Ghosts don't actually hang around in graveyards. They actually spend most of their time following loved ones around, looking out for them. Some of them may be connected to certain locations though.
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Re: Be friend with spirit?
Post # 4
Usually from what I know, an intellectual spirit usually resides originally at the spot where they have died. Not many ghosts are in graveyards at all, unless they wanted to follow their body there or attend their own funeral, but after the funeral, I guess they'd just stay there or go along with a loved one.
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Re: Be friend with spirit?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I find that spirits that reside in graveyards aren't very good for conversations. Most of the time they're there because they can't let go of their bodies (mentally not physically). I've also found very confused athiests who know they're dead, but are in denial that there is an afterlife. Some sit in and around their graves waiting for the end of the world because they believe their savior will lift them up to heaven.

So they are usually not very friendly or just plainly disturbing. If you want to be a spirit's therapist, be my guest, but eventually they'll snap out of it on their own or a guardian or friend of theirs will help them. Guides/guardians are normally the ones who follow people to their homes if they've "disrupted the dead" there, not the lost souls wandering the lot. It's actually very sad and I try to ignore it all when having to visit a cemetary. I used to love cemetaries (and still find a fascination for them) but I don't communicate with spirits there anymore.

If you want a to "be friends with a spirit" I would suggest learning to contact you spirit guide. They're the best spirit friend you'll ever meet.
Someone wrote an article here about how to contact your spirit guide here

Remove any spaces in the link before using it. This website breaks most links by creating gaps.
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