Need advice for meditate

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Need advice for meditate
Post # 1
Hello, I don't know anyone else feel like me or not.But everytime when I tried to meditate I alway feel itching and need to scratch it everytime! moreover, I alway feel my saliva full inside my mouth and need to put it inside my throat. their're alway ruin my meditation. Anyone have advice about riding of this uneasy feeling for me please?
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Re: Need advice for meditate
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I think everyone has this trouble it's because your trying to focus on one thing or nothing. I'm not good at meditating, but this problem isnt the reason. My advice is to just not let it bother you and keep trying as your aggregation over it probably causes you to stop attempting to meditate. Just try to keep going once your in a true meditative state I'm sure it won't bother you. I got into one once and reached the state where you don't concioisky need to breath lol sadly I automatically breathed in but not out. Let's just say that really threw my meditation off. :)
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Re: Need advice for meditate
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
By keep going I mean if you have a itch scratch it and if you have saliva swallow it, but just keep trying instead of ending then. Just scratching won't ruin it I'm sure.
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Re: Need advice for meditate
Post # 4
I sometimes have a similar problem when I meditate as well but that is because I can't sit still for a long period of time. But what I do is just ignore it and it goes away and just focus on meditating and my breathing. That usually works for me.
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Re: Need advice for meditate
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Look into Pranayama or Prana Breathing Techniques and use them while meditating, focus on them, nothing else. And if you have an itch, by all means scratch it!

Nothing in meditation says you have to remain 100% still at all times. People meditate as they practice yoga or tai chi. I meditate everytime I create art (in pencil, paint, charcoal, clay, metal, you name it). In fact it makes me lose track of time quite a lot!

If you're not a stay still type of person, why don't you get yourself a yoga or tai chi dvd. Once you memorize the motions, you can perform it without the dvd and focus on meditating during the moves. Afterwards, sit or lay down and give yourself some quality meditation. I find that meditation after exercising and performing a "cool down" is the best. Your mind is clearer, your body isn't restless, and the extra oxygen and endorphins running through your system makes you feel great.
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Re: Need advice for meditate
By: / Adept
Post # 6
Meditation is less about emptying your mind and more about cultivating the observer that witnesses the chaos of the mind, thus creating a greater distinction between Self and the endless chatter of our minds. The two are very different - we are not equal to our minds, and meditation is a great teacher of this truth. The pursuit will serve us greatly in life.
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