Deja Vu way too much.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Deja Vu way too much.

Deja Vu way too much.
Post # 1
Okay, so, I know what deja vu means, so please no in depth explanations. I just need some advice. Ever since a few years back, I've been having deja vu a little too much. I'll have deja vu about, and this is no lie, about 7 - 8 times per hour. It happens every other hour, usually, but when it does happen, it's constant. It does get quite annoying, but I've learned to deal with it. So, if there is anyone who may know what is going on, I'd extremely appreciate your help.
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Re: Deja Vu way too much.
Post # 2

Hey there. There are many theories for deja vu, both magickal and scientific. There has been shown a correlation between frequent deja vu episodes and epilepsy. Because of this, you may wish to consider ruling out epilepsy first. As a heads up, epilepsy siezures can actually be barely noticable to the person it happens to. Temporal lobe epilepsy can be experienced as simply a feeling of slight giddiness or disorientation, or less. Good luck! :)

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Re: Deja Vu way too much.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That's exactly what I was thinking. Deja Vu has been studied by psychologists/science and found to be linked to something like a skipping record in your memory. This skipping can occur naturally occasionally, but when it happens as much as you say, there is cause for concern.

Go to a doctor, and if all tests come back negative, then we can explore spiritual reasons.

When I have experienced deja vu, it is actually dream recall triggered by a similar event occurring in real life. Only once have I experienced true deja vu and it was at a time where I was under a lot of stress and sleep deprived.
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Re: Deja Vu way too much.
Post # 4
Maybe you have the same routine everyday that's why you're having "Deja vu"
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