playing cards part two

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playing cards part two
Post # 1
I posted earlier on thisw forum the many reasons one might use playing cards as a divnation toll. now i will give instructions on how they can be used.
first of all the suits of playing cards originally were derived from the first playing cards, todays tarot cards. Here are tarot card suits and their playing card counterparts
Cups of the tarot are Hearts in playing cards
wands or staves of the tarot are CLubs in playing cards
pentacles of the tarot are the Diamonds in playing cards
swords of the tarot are Spades in playing cards
now the pip cards or number card meanings will relate to whatever that number means in tarot here are waht the suits can represent in playing cards it is a bit more simple or practicle perhaps not as deep as the tarot, here they are
hearts-love and emotion
clubs-career and social matters
spades-difficulties,illnesses and warnings
diamonds-money and sucess
court cards relate as this the kings and queens relate to the kings and quenns of tarot,but since there is only one jack per suit the jack represents a mix of your page and knight,or princess and prince or knight and princess,however your tarot deck may be suited, the jack is a combination of those cards,
now here are some lil extras for playing cards
multiple kings in a reading suggest big buisness dealing
multiple jacks in a reading sugggest mischief or competition
three or more tens in a reading suggest something good on the horizon perhaps more money
three or more nines in a reading suggest sudden good fortune
the nine of hearts is a good card and is known as the wish card make a wish upon this card when it is drawn
well that is playing card cartomany fer ya, or what i know of it, i enjoy it and have fun with it, i know the tarot and have used it fer years but sometimes it is fun to break out the ol' poker deck fer a lil divination as well. although note if you use your playing cards as a diviantion tool, i have read use it only fer that no card games, but this ol gothabilly will break out with some five card draw with his just not real reverent
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