The parents

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The parents
Post # 1
My parents dont know that I was being taught magic by my mothers mom or my Grandma and they don't know I'm still learning magic and now they want me to get confirmed. I don't know how to tell them I don't want to get confirmed and I want to be wiccan. (I was able to keep it from them for two years because My grandma or mentor e-mailed me everything and I went to her house for summer and I have locks on my doors) just so you know the whole story.
Well what should I do?
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Re: The parents
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Sometimes we have to do things in life to please other people. Especially if you are underage, you may not have a choice.

Getting confirmed is not going to *undo* your interests in Wicca. It apparently means a great deal to your parents, who i assume have birthed, loved, protected, fed, housed, and clothed you for many years. When you leave their house you can then choose to live your life as you wish, including practicing whatever religion you desire. Until then, your upbringing, including your religious upbringing, is - by law - the choice of your parents.

And besides, in my opinion, ex-Catholics make the best witches! You'll be in good company :)
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Re: The parents
Post # 3
You have made alot of good points, that you so much :) now I'm not so worried about what my parents will think and your right it is the law
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Re: The parents
Post # 4
Ohh your Irish, Me to.

Not allot of country's advertise christian beliefs and imitation's like our's does.

I was Confirmed last year, in Tipperary. But i simply don't follow the belief's, so i believe i should be affected by them.

I pray to the goddess, The God, Nyx and Erebus. I don't pray to the christian god's.

I expect to be punished for doing harm, not for my sexual orientation.

I simply don't follow those fate's, i believe rubbing crimson oil on my head, doesn't mean i can't change :D

Good luck :D

I would say get it done for your parent's sake. :D

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Re: The parents
Post # 5
Hey ive been a wiccan for a few years now and i was just confirmed cus my family would freak if i wasnt its not so bad :)
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Re: The parents
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I did all the sacriments of Catholicism including confirmation. Even though my mother knew my beliefs and ways, she insisted. Christianity integrated into the Cherokee religion and she didn't see a problem with it. I hated it, I'll admit, but I took comfort in the fact that the sacriments only means something when they are done by someone who embraces that meaning.

I took the name Mary as my confirmation name because I knew her connection to Isis, Astarte, and Venus. To me, being confirmed with the name Mary, was one way I dedicated myself to the Goddess. Even during the ceremony, I said to myself that this was not in my heart to be Catholic and that I was honoring the archetype. Afterwards, I went to the statue of Mary and spoke with her, I felt a very close bond with the goddess that I had never felt before. I knew then, that my decision to take her name wasn't made in vain.

Choose your name wisely and find one with pagan roots. Christianity has it's roots in paganism and many archetypes come from older ones that you can relate to.

Communion connects to the Egyptian god eating. Confirmation and our pagan dedications. This can be turned into something very wonderful for you. It all depends on how YOU see it. =)
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