Storing energy

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Storing energy
Post # 1
Hi! I've heard before that you can store energy in objects, like jewels and such, I was wondering how to do this, is there a certain gem or does any work? Does it help if I use my birth stone? I would just like to know how to do this just in case the time would arise when I need to dip into some emergency energy, also, once the energy is stored, how do I get it out when I need it? How would I use it? How much energy can I fit into a small gem on a ring? (chuckle) I seem to be rambling, but I'm quiet clueless on this area so I want as much info as I can get.
Thankyou for reading
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Re: Storing energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
#1 Anything works! You can store energy in almost everything! #2&3 it really doesn't matter. Just charge whatever you need to. If you need To attract love, use rose quartz. If you need to cleanse, charge a citrine. Charge anything you need too. Remember, if you charge a certain stone with a certain purpose, you will get that stone's energy. For example, rose quartz is used for love. If you charge it, you get the amplified love energy from it. Your not going to get protection energy because thats not one of the rose quartz's properties. Hoped I clarified. clear quartz is used for all purposes so I suggest using that then programming the energy. #4 grip the stone, feel the energy piling from it, close your eyes and just dra the energy from it. Visualize the stone growing insanely bright with energy and you taking it in from your palm, the energy gets absorbed into your body and the glowing from the stone gets weaker. It's helpful to visualize the energy as wisps or balls. Whatever floats your boat. You can do it long range too. It doesn't have to be in physical contact. #5 you can use it in a ritual spell, or anywhere you want. Protection is a bad place, money at a auction, health in a hospital, possibilities are endless. #6 you just keep pushing energy into the object until you feel like it's full and you cant fit anymore into it. Visualize your legs growing roots into the earth and visualize you sucking up the earths energy from your roots. Build that energy up in your abdomen and then when your ready, push that energy up your shoulders, and down your arm and out your projective hand (hand u write with) you should feel a tingling sensation or a hot feeling. Everyone feels it differently. Then image in entering the object till the object can't take anymore. Hope I helped!!
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