grey magic spell

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grey magic spell
Post # 1
well yesterday i used a easy good luck spell and it worked but the problem is it was a grey magic spell(atleast i think it was). i didnt no.anyways i used it for baseball practice and some1 got shot so practice ended early (just liked i wanted it 2) so is this concedered grey magic (i didnt want any1 2 get hurt) please answer
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Re: grey magic spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Well, if you genuinely spent more that 20 minutes on this website, you'd come to find that the general consensus of pretty much everyone here is that, well, magic doesn't have colors. Hey if it wasn't your intention to get that man (or woman) shot, then well, it probably won't come back for you. All I suggest is that you get a little more experience and learn a little more before you go casting anymore spells (if it is your desire to keep people out of harms way).
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Re: grey magic spell
Post # 3
okay thanks 4 the advice
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Re: grey magic spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
No it isn't "grey". Why does it have to be "grey" because someone was shot?

It was the most important lesson in magick "be careful what you desire/wish for". If you leave the possibilities open to anything, bad things can result! This is called "backfire" and mostly occurs when you perform magick without understanding what you are using/doing.

I don't necessarily believe 100% that your spell "worked" but if it did and someone was hurt, you really need to learn to control your magick more. You're probably a natural born witch, which means you need to learn how to harness and control your thoughts.

I was like that when I was younger. I became angry at my step father (he was abusive to my mother) and in blind anger looked dead at him and said "I want you to stay away from here", it turned into a curse that caused him to stay away but at the cost of our car breaking down and then his mother's garage being broken into. Needless to say, he wasn't home for days other than to sleep and had very little of that, but I was afraid of the effect it was having on those around him. The way it was going, it didn't look good for him and my mother begged me to break it, so I did.
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Re: grey magic spell
Post # 5
Elijah the spells you do in this life can be affected by the sinful magic your past lives might have done
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