need some help

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need some help
Post # 1
hi really wasnt sure where to post this so i apologize if its in the wrong place... i recently cut ties from some people that were being untrue to me , i have done some basic protection spells ie the room of mirrors but these people are still doing their best to bring me down... i need something to make them leave me alone and take their negativity with them and keep it away from me ,, also a stop gossip/slander spell would be useful too as they are pasting rumours about me all over facebook and its stressing me out ...
any help would be much appreciated.. thank you :) xxx
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Re: need some help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
A seperation spell is in order. Its similar to an uncrossing/unbinding spell. Relationships are unsaid binds, that we call "bonds". Sometimes these "bonds" are broken naturally, but othertimes one side or the other have a desire to hold on and the connection hangs on for dear life no matter how destructive it is.

This is why many people burn a significant letter, picture etc. To break any remaining connections to that person. Its letting go and moving on. If the connection isn't broken, you'll keep receiving the negative aspects of the dead friendship. Let go of it through ritual and break the bond by hand. This could be a very emotional thing depending on how much the friendship meant to you.

Understand that when the bond is severed, it will never return. So choose to cut it carefully. You should feel a weight lifted off of you when it is complete, and your ex-friend should lose any desire to contact you. It may happen slowly or immediately depending on the experience level and the effectiveness of the spellwork.
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Re: need some help
Post # 3
ok thank you i have got rid of most of the items in my home that belonged to them or reminded me of them ... since i posted this i have not heard anything and so far all is well but if i find anything else that connects to them i will burn it in a ritual way thank you :)
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Re: need some help
Post # 4
I second Ra3vens post.
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