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Post # 1
Hey everybody I'm new to this site and magic and I was wondering if anyone could help me with shapeshifting? Thank you for your time.

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 2
You can't.

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 3
Didn't you only just post this question already?

Re: Shapeshifting
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Was Zeb ;-)

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 5
You can't shapeshift. I'm sure its physically impossible!

Re: Shapeshifting
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I'm pretty sure it's impossible to shapeshift. The closest thing to shapeshifting that is possible is probably a glamour.

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 7
I would like to believe that anything can be done with magic, but in order to shapeshift even just once, you would probably end up having to dedicate your whole life to nothing but mediation and energy channeling and even if you did manage to do that it would probably be painful. Just thinking about all the bones and cells being destroyed or moved to fit the perfect place....

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 8
darklinxie I would love to feel the pain of which you speak because pain let's me know I'm still alive and pain lierally makes me stronger

Re: Shapeshifting
Post # 9
Ok u cant shapeshift.but i have some questions.

1.what animal u wana shift into?

2.why dont u be human?

3.did u learn basics?

Re: Shapeshifting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Shamans shapeshifted through trance only, which means that they were astral projecting.

They would, however, dress up as the animal and learn to mimick its movements to understand how it would be, to be that animal. They would wear the skin or other parts of it (teeth, claws, ets) and act as if they were the animal to the best of their ability. In doing this, they would let themselves go, and become engulfed in the energy/essence of that animal. Those who saw them, at times believed they saw the shaman shapeshift. Imagine seeing a bear's entire skin stand up and walk off like a man after swaying and grunting like a bear. You have to understand, those who saw "shapeshifters" were outsiders who did not understand the culture they were observing.

The cultures didn't write down their knowledge, so their religion and practices could not be interpreted unless the language barrier was broken and great trust was earned. This was rarely ever accomplished. Most of the information we have today has been handed down through oral tradition from generation to generation, until finally, someone recorded it down for public eyes to see.

When a medicine man could connect extremely well with the behavior and thoughts of an animal by pretending to be it perfectly, he was believed to be able to become one with the animal in the spirit world and communicate to the animal in the physical.

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