Meaning of this dream

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Meaning of this dream
Post # 1
Okay well I tryed a spell on this site:
Here is a spell I found on this site. Try it out and see if it helps.

you will need:
A Sheet of paper.
A pen.

Write the name of the person you are wondering about on a piece of paper.
Fold the paper in half, then half again.
Draw an eyeball on the outside of the folded page.
Slip the page under your pillow and before bed repeat...

''With dreamers eyes I seek to see

What this person thinks of me.

Be it good or be it ill

Reveal to me as is my will''

Close your eyes and picture this person sitting across a crowded room. The room is all a buzz with conversation you cannot hear clearly. This is gossip about you that this person started. It may be good things and/or it may be bad. As you move towards the person let yourself fall asleep. When you wake, jot down what you heard in your dream, particularly anything s/he said or did. Your answer will reveal itself. If you do not get the answer to your questions, consider what was revealed to you instead. Perhaps there is a truth you are missing that is more compelling then the one you seek.

I have done this spell a few times on this centain boy and in the dream something similar always happens. In the dream someone/thing comes up to me and stabs me in the heart but no blood or anything comes out and don't die or feel any pain. i just kind of wonder around in the dream. What does this mean? It's freaking me out.
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Re: Meaning of this dream
Post # 2
it may mean that someone you like is hurting you and yet you do not see it whereas others do. The boy you ask about do you fancy him and do not see his faults and other people do?

Or could just mean he is trying to hurt you but is not working. Eg is he throwing insults at you but you dont care?
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Re: Meaning of this dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Its emotional pain. Think of all the metaphors in songs and poetry. "You broke my heart", "stabbed me in the back" "my heart is torn in two" and yes! even "you stabbed me in the heart".

The was no blood because it wasn't a physical injury.

If its a spell about how someone sees you, then perhaps he only wishes to use you and will "stab you in the heart" figuratively. Or he is callus and only pretending to be nice.
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Re: Meaning of this dream
Post # 4
I did this spell one night on my girlfriend and it worked pretty well. In my dream she was hurt and I was to nervous to go up to her and ask her if she was ok. So basically she sees what i see. Becuase I always see (and im trying to fix this) that im really nevous around her and im afraid to talk to her. So this really helped me know how she views me.
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Re: Meaning of this dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
You should look into more dream magick and work on lucid dreaming. Seems like you have a natural knack for it.
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