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Have Question on dream
Post # 1
I've asked this question once on chat but I didn't really get to write the whole thing out due to length.

It starts out with me in a small boat in an ocean thats Boiling Hot yet Freezing. This water (Or Unknown Liquid)is Filled with Dead, Unclothed Bodies and then when I get to the land its a island thats a desert filled with Shipwreaks and when I walk through and I see my mother hanging by her ankles dead with a Pentagram Engraved on her Bones and to the side is a gateway with a seven headed snake on the left and a character that looks like Anubis to the right. the gateway looks like a 17th Century wooden Door With the Therianthropy Symbol On top with some werid symbols and I have no way to describe. When I enter the gate its just like being back in the normal world and I change into some unknown creature and am then treated like a slave and then killed at the end. Please can someone help me Thank you
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Re: Have Question on dream
Post # 2
Could you elaborate that please
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Re: Have Question on dream
Post # 3
its just a nightmare just do some nightmare spells to get rid of them!i got one just like that it was like me going into hell and getting my head cut off then waking up scared
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Re: Have Question on dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I would recommend meditating for something like this. It is very effective for ridding yourself of bad dreams and nightmares.
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Re: Have Question on dream
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
It seems like you know a good deal about the occult, you're able to identify many of the symbols in your dream.

This dream reminds me a lot of the realm of the dead. Since you were killed, it can't be an OBE, so I would guess its a spiritual life memory. Your mother could very well be your subconscious connecting the thought of your physical mother to a past mother of yours. Our minds try to interpret our dreams, so details can be altered in a way for us to better understand what we are experiencing.

I always suggest that people use divination to decipher the meaning of such dreams. Whether it is a psychological dream or a spiritual one, divination should be able to give you an idea of what it is telling you.
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