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Post # 1
I am having trouble with it....
For example when I try to clear my mind songs and snipits of movies and times I felt really stupid start playing randomly.
It is wierd and even if I ignore it they start again. I try and try but I can't do it.

Any ideas... Any one?
If so plz post!!!
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Re: Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
i can like nox arcana's is great, also music box's with a slower more mild or depressing tune. *noecuaSte that when i say depressing i say it becuase many i talk to call that type of music depressing, in personal opinion it is beautiful and meaningful* i would recommend lulaby. also sitting in a room with a good insence and a candle and complete silence or with that music playing helps me
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Re: Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
ignore the firtst word by the asterik. my keyboard was messing up
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Re: Meditation
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Hello Silvershade...

To perfect your meditation techniques, it takes plenty of patients. Also learn not to expect too much from yourself. Just breath and relax. Let eveything flow. Why not start again by doing light meditation.

1) Relax your muscles and sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. (Laying down is fine and may be a recommended position if this is your first Meditation.)

2) DON'T clear your mind, focus on a happy thought. You can clear your mind if you want, but for a light meditation the point is simply to get rid of negative feelings, so focus on something that makes you happy. For an example we will use:
Ice Cream.

3) While focusing on Ice Cream; regulate your breathing. Every inhale should take five seconds, count them. Hold your breath for a second and release a five second exhale. Wait a second and repeat.

Continue this breathing process until you feel relaxed and at peace. Now don't just get up and go, NOW clear your mind. Let your own thoughts come back naturally to you, don't force them. Once you feel you are ready stand up and take on whatever
task you have to do next.

This is a part of a lesson given to us by our Priestess, Drakkenwitch. Good luck to you and hope this helps as it helped me.
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