somoning deamons

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somoning deamons
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
hello, now, i must say this first, yes i know all the risks and dangers of doing this and yadda yadda
now for my actual question, dose any one here know of ways to somon deamons, respectfuly, and safely unlike were in the lesser and greater keys, one basicaly drags them to this realm causing them to be pissed off ect ect.
any thoughts?
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Re: somoning deamons
Post # 2
yes, and it isn't too hard at all, basicly one does not summon them in any way shape or form, rather you just open up a energy connection with them, thus you will be able to access whatever knowlede they have to offer and you are open enough to enterpret, the more you let go into the energy connection the greater your understanding of the being will be, if you let go completely through the connection till the point of ego death the demon will basicly pull you into it's presence where you will be able to converse face to face, but, as with any workings with higher beings respect is key, do not even open the connection unless you have the right respect first.
Now, to open a connection all you need is a name, and a basic understanding of the being, all you do then is push as much energy into the actual name while holding it within your own being, push as much as you can till you cannot hold it anymore, then let it go (release) it directly up and out of your crown chakra, all you need to do then is keep yourself fully open and as you do you will feel a energy feedback hit you, and from that point the connection is established, most connections will close again as soon as you go to sleep and the mind falls from concious into subconcious.
Hope this has helped
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Re: somoning deamons
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
i see, thank you:)
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