my grounding experience

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my grounding experience
Post # 1
well im just making this thread to share my most recent and best grounding experience. Just about two days ago i did my regular groundging excersise and for the first time i felt this, there was a sweet smell of roses in the air and harmony and i felf warm arms emrace me. I knew it was mother nature, from that day my ''powers'' were extremely enchanced instant control rising control of the kundalini (no more waiting time) so anyone else had this experience i just cut it short but so much more,i can feel every pulse of energy from every place with a plant/tree
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Re: my grounding experience
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I had this happen to me several weeks ago when spring started...i didn't ground but i did meditate like i do every day but something felt off in the air that day. In the evening when i was ready to go to bed i fell asleep and what felt like i was dreaming for hours and hours and hours i only slept for 5 minutes!
From that moment and until today my craft has been on its peak and honestly my energy work and healing have never been so intense.
Something about this year's spring has awaken my soul and i must say that i am happier, less tired, full of passion for so many things and i am just generally brimming with good things...they just keep on comming i pinch myself every day to see if it's a dream lol...i'm busy and i have my hands full with work but somehow it makes me happy to know that i am creating a future for you said the nature's embracing me everywhere i go i feel so connected and i know this phrase is used to much and to easily and sounds like complete cliche' but i am truly "one with nature".
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Re: my grounding experience
Post # 3
i know what you mean brim, i am happier and i feel so alive my powers have always been strong but i never would guessed this strength. All of my spells work wonderful with effortless thought, its amazing.
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Re: my grounding experience
Post # 4
wrong guess my friend i don't even have spring where i live :p but on a serious note chakra work is serious and because of my comitment and positivity with nature, mother has seen it fit to bless me
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