Question on inner spirits

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Question on inner spirits
Post # 1
How do I find my element, dragon, and animal spirit?
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Re: Question on inner spirits
Post # 2
Normally to find your element is to find your birthday and see what is your birth element. I am a Gemini so therefore I am the elemental wind. You can try other things to find out but it is easier to do that...
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Re: Question on inner spirits
Post # 3
Usually, your element is the one you feel most comfortable to work with.

I'd focus on learning to meditate first before you advance to asking your spirit guide to show up. It would probably make it easier that way. Meditate every night (or, as often as you can) for a week or two, then advance to asking your spirit guide to visit you.

Once you've gotten the hang of meditation and figured out what works for you, then focus on your spirit guide. Call out and ask your spirit guide to show itself to you, so that you can learn from it. If it doesn't work right away, don't get discouraged. Spirit guides have a mind of their own, and tend to appear when they think you need them, not vice versa. Maybe you will reach it through meditation, maybe it will appear to you in a dream, or perhaps you will just realize one day that you knew your guide all along, you just weren't listening. It often turns out to be an animal you have an affinity for (if your guide is an animal) or a figure that you've seen or talked to in dreams before. Sometimes it just takes an extra shove of realization to figure it out.
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Re: Question on inner spirits
Post # 4
I see interesting.
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Re: Question on inner spirits
Post # 5
Finding your element...
The Zodiac is actually a very invalid and unreliable way to tell your element.

1) It only gives the 4 main elements when your true element could be of the sub-elements.
2) Different philosophers have different chart and tables with different element assigned to different Zodiacs. You never know which one is telling you right or wrong.

Now, I personally agree most with Phoenix68k. Out of personal experience and findings that would be your best bet.


As far as dragon is concerned I suggest you ask a good friend of mine ShadowKilo.


Spirit Animal...
Meditation is great way to do so. Meditate on it and simply ask them to come forward and make themself known to you.

Sommuning spells are also a very popular and common way to finding out your spirit animal.
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Re: Question on inner spirits
Post # 6
To find your element well the western zodiac can be accurate but quite often wrong to, in my situation whit my elements is fire, earth and air. Fire i can control literary, earth because i feel bound or connected to nature, air because i love nearly every kind of knowledge.

But in the Chinese Zodiac my element is metal which shows more how sensitive and caring i can be, but after i became a witch i found out that my main elements are air,fire and spirit. so it just depends on which element you feel most comfortable whit.

Dragon spirits are not easy to fin as far as i know

animal spirit simply meditate but since you seem somewhat new to this i can give you a link to an instruction video on youtube which is really good for beginners,

my animal spirit is a Doe "Deer" and i must say it does suit me hehe
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