Halloween rites

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Halloween rites
Post # 1
Now I know Halloween was some time ago, but I still want to know if any did a Halloween rite with any of their friends or coven members.

Now I did a rite with some of my friends, not a great rite or a well done one but still good enough to make my day. It was a right to answer and say hello and good bye to two god and goddess. One was Nxy and the other was, I am not to sure lol. But they did start the circle right (I was watching because I was not part of their coven) but one of them was drunk, not good. Another thing was that they had two candles both white, normally if you want to do with two different god and goddess you want white and black candles. Since Halloween is an end of the harvest you may want to burn them all the way. They didn't. The other factor was that the wand they used looked like they picked it off of the ground... The point was good but it had the small broken off branches on the side of the stick... So when you try to focus your energy it splits and you send it to other places then that one place. Another big factor was that someone enter the circle and left it, big no no. Oh yeah the cops came by and told us to leave lol the park was closed we knew but he did walked into the circle. And many more problems... I was just watching but if I was the main person doing it I would of remember the words then read them off of a paper (she said she was a High Priestess).

Hopefully some of you guys had a better rite then I had, so Tell me how was your Halloween.
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