an unsolved mysteri

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an unsolved mysteri
Post # 1
i got a mystery to get solved, can yoe help me.

i and my friend where spying on a lumberjack in the forrest. He was cutting wood with a big machine. I and my friend think it was fun too spy on people so we was looking and following him. then there come someone out of the forrest and stand in front of the machine. The lumberjack came out of his machine and said "What are you doing there." the guy who came out of the forrest touched the lumberjack and then there came a yellow green ball in his hand. he said some words and the ball turned black. he touched the lumberjack again and the lumberjack did taked his car and leaved. I havend seen him back since then.

saterday night.
i dreamed that i and my friend where running on green grass and then my friend felt into a red hole with fire,then i waked up.

in the morning i go too him said how are you he didnt answer me he did not even there his eyes too me. he did not talk to me in the hole day.

He did the same thing and I asked him "What happent to you?" He did not answer he took a knife and tried to stick me down. Good that i allways train on thai boxing. so he could not hit me. than i started too run.

Do someone know how this happend?
What this means?
Who was the forrest guy and what did he do?
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 2
Well all I know is tht ur friend MIGHT be possesed, spy on ur friend a bit and write down wat he does. just make sure u dont get caught. Try acting a bit thief-like (means to be able to be undetected like a thief just in case if ya dont know).
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 3
When one acts out of dishonesty, one sets oneself up for negative events to occur. Stop spying on people and get a life! Do good for others, not harm. I see this as a direct result of your sneaky behavior.
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 4
spying on people is my life
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 5
Tanya, I believe that what you mentioned only occurs to the people who believe that such things will happen. Those who do not fear karma(most likely because, like me, they know it's only in your head) are not affected by karma. Karma only exists to those who believe it exists and for those who don't... well, we have the pleasure of making "evil mistakes" without being butchered by life for it.

The person you saw may have been some extremist environmentalist using some form of hypnotism to convince the lumberjack that he did not want to chop that area. The dream you had may have been a type of warning of some kind, although I have had similar dreams with no significant meaning in the real world except for things that were occurring in my mind(specifically within my subconscious). The way your friend is acting has a couple of possibilities. Possession would be one, but another could be that seeing what he saw was to much for him to handle and he could be blaming you for it. Yet another, although possibly more unlikely, possibility would be that he was hypnotized as well and since there was nobody to guide him through it he "programmed" himself to be more violent/aggressive.

I hope everything works out for you.
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 6
how can i make him normal again
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Re: an unsolved mysteri
Post # 7
If he's possessed then you'll have to get rid of whatever is possessing him. For that I would suggest luring him to a Catholic church or getting a Catholic priest to him. I know not everyone approves of that branch of Christianity, but they are good at exorcising individuals who are possessed.

If what he saw was to much for him then he'll need somebody to talk to. In the case of this I suggest you give him a little bit of space and then try talking to him. If he's still aggressive towards you then try to talk him down rather then fighting it out(this does not mean let him hurt you, if he gets serious then you get serious too), remember to talk to him as a friend no matter how violent he gets.

If he hypnotized himself then you have to figure out how to break the trance. Usually it's something simple such as a key word, a tap on the shoulder, a snap of the fingers, etc.
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