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Post # 1
I often feel sick and I'm missing a lot of school because of that, problem is: not a single doctor I've visited knows what it is.
I've had it since I was 2 years old and I'm 16 now so you can start counting...
The doctors tested my blood and found nothing, they did a gastrocopy and yet again nothing...
The medicines I got prescribed over the years are piling up but they don't work, not even for just the symptoms so I still barely can go to school. My teachers are getting sick of it, my parents too and I'm sick of being sick and having to deal with their complaints 'cuz there isn't a single thing I can do about it.

Now I'd like to ask if one of you knows a good spell or another method that might help, it doesn't have to remove the cause but even if it just lifts the feeling I'm happy enough.

Grtz and thank you in advance.
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Re: sickness
Post # 2
It sounds like a curse. You may have gotten a curse on you, but the weird thing is is that it lasted for so long. You can try to take a spiritual bath and if that does not work then try something else if you may.
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Re: sickness
Post # 3
Um what are your symtomes that could help alot.
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Re: sickness
Post # 4
I constantly have the feeling that I have to vomit,
when I was younger I did but now it most of the time stays with the feeling that I have to. When I feel sick I sometimes feel unstable too but not always. It most of the time starts in the morning and only passes in the evening but rather late in the evening. That's about it...

Grtz and thanks for the tips
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Re: sickness
By: / Novice
Post # 5
have you tried to not eat milk, wheat, and all dairy products!!! cut them out for a week and see how you go!!!
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Re: sickness
Post # 6
have you ever had a head injury? I was sued over such an issue. but I didn't start the mess I just ended it. It was caused from a head injury. he couldn't do accounting for decade or so. where he was a CPA(or something like that)and lost his family.
He had some sort of surgury to fix the problem,he has scares from it.he also founds god. He forgives me,he tells me 1-3 times a month for about the last 6 years roughly?
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Re: sickness
Post # 7
Well one should not discount the simple power of positive suggestion. Relief could be achieved as simply as designing an impressive looking and sounding ritual and impressing on him the fact that it will help him to feel better. For example a person who knows other people are praying for them often improves based on the psychsomatic influence of the thought that someone was bringing their plight to the attention of a higher power. Then again she is often fond of saying that sometimes god uses penicillin.

To that end I would really suggest he see other doctors. Blood work and a gastroscopy might not have uncovered the root of the problem but those are hardly the limit of diagnostic techniques that could be applied. I'm assuming though since they did a gastroscopy that the problem is with his stomach. I'm no doctor but I do know a little about medicine since I grew up in a medical family. My brother is an EMT, my uncle is an oncologist. If his symptoms are a general queasy feeling this could be indicative of an inner ear problem which would not show up on a gastroscopic examination nor would bloodwork show it. It could also be a problem with his brain. Without knowing more specific information I can't really say much more than that and once again I stress I am not a doctor, but I still say that there are a lot more diagnostic techniques out there though they are more expensive and time consuming.

Go to a good holistic doctor and if you want a bit of healing talk to the Angel Raphael and ask to help heal the body and the mind.
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Re: sickness
Post # 8
ok thanks for the tips ^^
I hope it will help ^^
And I just remembered something else...
There were 2 years in a row that I wasn't sick all year through...
Strange enough those were the years I loathed the most as my classmates made my life a misery back then...
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