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Name: stefen
Birthday: May 13 1992
Location: in the realm of healing
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 15 Oct 2011

Membership: Contributor

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***well i am wiccan...have been one for awhile now..i found out that my gift is to heal.. i have been healing for some time now...well im in the coven second sight...i am in council position... my first spell that i posted was to silence a dog.... i love magick alot... and would advise everyone to practice it.... dont ask me about black magick for i only do white magick...i am fairly experienced in magick... and i have a psychic ability to feel what any one is feeling at a time just by talking to them or reading what they write.also known as empath....i am proud of that element is fire... though im not experienced enough to teach anyone about it... i am also working on the element of water... if you need help i can probably help or tell you who to ask for help... dont be shy to talk to me about never on on youll have to wait if you want to talk to me...

Take nothing for granted,

for when ever you do,

The "joy of enjoying"

is lessened for you-

For we rob our own lives

much more than we know

When we fail to respond

or in any way show

Our thanks for the blessings

that daily are ours

The warmth of the sun,

the fragrance of flowers,

The beauty of twilight,

the freshness of dawn,

The coolness of dew,

on a green velvet lawn,

The kind little deeds

so thoughtfully done,

The favors of friends

and the love that someone

Unselfishly gives us

in a myriad of ways,

Expecting no payment

and no words of praise-

Oh, great is our loss

when we no longer find

A thankful response

to things of this kind,

For the joy of enjoying

and the fullness of living

Are found in the heart

that is filled with Thanksgiving.


"People everywhere in life

from every walk and station,

From every town and city

and every state and nation,

Have given me so many things

intangible and dear,

I couldnt begin to count them all

or even make clear....

I only know i owe so much

to people everywhere

And when I put my thoughts in verse

its just a way to share

The musings of a thankful heart,

a heart much like your own,

For nothing that i think or write

is mine and mine alone.....

So if you found some beauty

in any word or line,

It's just "your soul's reflection"

in proximity with Mine."


"Life is a mixture

of sunshine and rain,

Laughter and pleasure,

teardrops and pain,

All days can't be bright,

but it is certainly true,

There is never a cloud,

the sun didnt shine through-

So just keep smiling

what ever betide you,

And you'll find when you smile

your day will be brighter

And all of your burdens

will seem so much lighter-

For each time you smile

you will find it is true

Somebody, somewhere

will smile back at you,

And nothing on earth

can make life more worthwhile

Than the sunshine and warmth

of a beautiful smile."


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