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Name: Sukurimo
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 13 Jul 2015

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August/26/14 6:07 AM

My name is Sukurimo(translation-Screamo) I'm am a atheist, I didn't choose a path yet but I am looking for one. I am loyal, caring, always good sometimes bad. I don't judge others, I mostly socializing to other people to see their how's life compare to mines,to see their knowledge and etc.

To be honest, the main point why I join SOM (Spells Of Magic) is to learn a lot of spells and most likely try to meet other people.

I love Music, Poetry, Writing, Socialization, and going outside.

The questions you may ask me

(Why I look upon friendship or socializing a lot.)

I think friendship is like family and socializing to other people is most likely gaining knowledge on that person.

I'm mostly on everyday so there's no problem.

Hobbies- Video Games, Reading Books, Going outside, Hanging with friends/family, Listening to music, poetry.

-I am Mature, I don't do role plays-

Im pretty sensitive, I got bullied for 6 year's and I got a side effect which is depression... So most likely, please do not say anything pretty wrong... even thou, I don't like labeling, I consider myself as a emo kid...

Favorite bands-Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil,A Day To Remember, My Chemical Romance,Attlia, All Time Low.


"I tangled up with my own protection,

My senses are the wall,

These days are mostly terrified,

I wonder when i'm going to fall,

If those days come back,

I will love to make a change,

Time will always tell,

It should tell me what I will obtain. "

Sometimes or I can say often I'm not online.

Please don't think I'm ignoring you.

Thank you.

How they alive with Terrible dreams and dreadful scars.

I kiss the broken because they are no longer alive just like the stars.

They tried to walk in paradise but, they always seem to drown.

They always look so happy but they can't never make sound.

We all have been in this phase

We all cover up in disguise.

Telling our friends"I'm alright."

Now it's all a lie.

Doing poetry since depression & Anxiety.

If you are a Poet. Please teach me more by messaging me, thank you.

June 13 2015.

I am back.

16 year old and I am trying to learn black magic.


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