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Name: _Ravinw0lf_
Birthday: Aug 6 1993
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Gender: Male
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====================================================================== For people who have a passionateInterest in Magicka and the Arcane Art's... Make sure you check out and join my website: ======================================================================

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Shun and i'm an Asatru (pronounced "au-satru" or "ah-satru") is a religion based off the old Norse and sometimes Teutonic religion prior to the "Christianization" of Europe. Asatru was reborn in the seventies in two sects, the Icelandic and the American. We are more of a "modernist heathen" group than anything else. Though we try to stay as close to the old Norse ways of practice we feel that a little change to fit our own personal ideals, etc...

Some of our members have different views on whether modernizing is best or not but we are all still connected like a family and respect each other. Obviously like many Asatruar we believe in the Norse Gods and Goddesses in one way or another (physically or symbolically), we all have our own personal gods that we feel most akin, but in this time we feel Odin is best suited to aid us in our journey to spread the Norse ways.

Though even so we praise all the gods and goddesses equally and feel they are all equally important. I discovered the glory of the gods and goddesses of my ancestors at the age of 16. After growing up Christian and having a troubled youth, due to self created hardship, I spent days wondering what my true path is... three years ago the Gods were awakened in me and I have been working towards getting closer to them ever since. Asatru is unquestionably the spiritual path for me.

I identify with it entirely, and Freyja, Odin, and Thor is my patron diety. I strive every day to live Asatru and lead a righteous life. I have been truly blessed these past years, and all the questions I use to have, have been answered with my conversion. I walk with the Gods, and the way of the warrior. Those who do not know of this way of life, or think of it as some kind of pagan cult, are sadly misinformed, or mistaken.

It is a deep, rich, and rewarding spiritual experience. I look forward to the future and the day when all that I've strived to be, will be tested. I know I will pass those trials! I am interested in comunicating and networking with other Asutruar and pagans, and to continue this journey with others. I have been a solitary practitioner long enough! May the gods and goddesses of your ancestors be with you always.

Hail to the gods! Hail to the goddesses! Hail to the Folk!


My name is Shun.I'm eighteen years old, 5'7, black/blonde hair, and brown eyes. I live in Detroit, Michigan. Born and raised. I'm no where near perfect, I make a lot of dumb mistakes.

I have many annoying habits. I'm generally always in a good mood, and almost never angry. If something is bothering me, I can easily pretend nothing is wrong. Otherwise, I can easily make it obvious to everyone. I'm extremely sensitive, and completely open with my feelings. It doesn't take much to hurt me, believe me. I keep very few secrets. I'm very honest about everything and anything. I support gay marriage, and I have no problems - I repeat, no problems with gay people, pansexuals, or any other sexual orientation you can name. In fact, I know some pretty great individuals who are like that.

I love music a whole lot, music that has meaning to me, and feeling, and of course screaming. I listen to metal/hardcore/screamo type music. Bands like In Asking Alexandria, and my band L.I.E.S. I also love the old stuff, like Iron Maiden and AC/DC. In my spare time I'll be playing guitar and videogames. If I'm not at home, I'm with my band mates. If you've gotten this far, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for taking the time to read all this. So Inbox, and let's be friends.

My experience with heathenry lead me to my Lady Freyja. The goddess dancing in the golden sunlight of her own glory, the sexual drive of the cosmos, the tendency of two things to become one in order to become or create a third. The joy celebrating existence. The lover seeking out the ecstasy she once had and has lost. The utter feeling of loss at no longer feeling that ecstasy. The passion of the body, the dancing of the bodies flying through the cosmos, the tango of the aurora borealis. All these things are Freyja, and these are what I worship.


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