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Name: Armonia
Birthday: Apr 13 1989
Location: Home Of Earth
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 May 2011

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Hello dear friends, As you already know, magik comes from thy heart, the source of your own unique energy,and has the ability to reform the surrounding environment, including your life in many diffeent ways,always according to your choises. Someone has to be responsible to use it, for with great power comes great responsibility and with great responsibility comes a higher purpose. It is not just a coincidence that the art of magik was always moving in shadows, secretly and with high risk at some eras. Lets dont forget that we, human beings, were not supposed to have this secret knowledge, mythology is full of this complicated meanings. But we have it.. And this means we will use it, according to the needs of our soul, sometimes as our duty to help mother earth through difficult times, some other times to improve ourselves and be what we re already are. The existence of Life is magikal indeed, a mysterious gift never solved, approached but not completely solved.. What you can do with your energy has levels, and this happens because each of these levels has it own gravity of consiousness. We learnt how to manipulate our energy but we should be grounded enough cause our world is accelerating, many things happen everyday to remind us that something isnt right, something is going on... Some say we killed our God and we re raping our mother Earth, but this expression is to pessimistic for me, cause we re here to assist, our home is our duty.. I wont say more, actually what i wanted to say is that it would be amazing to know that there are many people out there who set their focus in hope, in co-creation and who dont exploit magik for superficial purposes... There s no better time than now to raise our energy so that it covers and heals all those open wounds... Time is not the doctor itself... Fear, love and pain are our guides... Fear, is the illusion, Pain is the lesson, love is the purpose... Avoid to roleplay, be the person who you already are, believe in this amazing power inside you.. If you have the need, you also have the right to learn, you dont have to be something different than just you... I d feel glad to share with people here, i m always happy to talk about anything... AboutMe:(In case it matters):P I m a human being and Im happy about it:) My element is Fire, my spirit guide is the Owl...Ah and my name is Eirini, almost forgot that..:P Some say i m a freak, in a good way, some say i live in my world... Nothing is bad, as soon as all is violent outside, it gets brighter inside... The truth is Im a loving, and highly sensitive person :) I work with angels mostly... I consult them and i prefer not to use magick for minor or personal reasons.. After all, if you get in touch with your hgher self, you realise that magick is just a part of the human enormous potential! Blessed be!


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