Lucid Dreaming.

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Tips on how to lucid dream. Originally by Misanthropy and AikaRoyng.

What can you use Lucid Dreaming for?

Solving Problems | Overcoming Fears | Making Amends | Learning about yourself | Having an adventure

Preparing Your environment: You can start with some, soft relaxing music, candles and incense. Make sure you are calm and comfortable and that you will not be disturbed.

Preparing Your mind: Center and calm your mind. Try to clear it of all mental images and chatter.

The Object Intention: Form a simple and clear statement of what you want to achieve in your dream. Try to avoid anything negative. Focus on and try to strengthen your desire in your mind.

Take an Active Role: In your meditative state, visualize yourself drifting off on a boat, your floating down a gently moving river. Allow yourself to feel the sensation of being carried and led, don't resist the ebb and flow of the water. Allow yourself to be carried by the water.

Make Mental Notes: As you drift to sleep, try to remain verbally and visually aware of the details or images of your dream. In your dream try to verbally take notes on what you're seeing.

Recalling and Recording: As soon as you wake up, try to write down everything you remember from your dream. What colors did you see? What images stood out to you? Be as descriptive and detailed as possible when you record your dream, so that you can try to interpret the images later on.

Source: Mind, Body, and Spirit Collection. MMIII IMP AB and Summertime Publishing LTD.


I tried practicing lucid dreaming in different opportunities applying different techniques with no good result. Some months ago I decided to give it a try again, to test another way to induce the lucid state of dreaming. I read about it on a page called Shamans Cave. It consists on using a dreaming stone; it is a stone that you should select specially to help you achieve lucid dreaming. However it shouldn't be any stone, it should call to you in a way. It's like the stone tells you that it can help in a way.

Once you have selected your stone, you should cleanse it with warm water for a night and then charge it with your energy telling it what you need it to help you with, be it achieving lucidity, controlling your dream or dream about something specifically.

You should have it in your hand when you go to sleep. Supposedly the stone is giving you the energy of your intention and I think that at the same time, having to focus on maintaining it in your hand during the night makes you be more aware which facilitates the lucid state while dreaming.

If at some point you need to change the intention you placed on the stone, you should perform a new cleansing and recharge it with the new purpose.

I had a lot of trouble achieving lucid dreaming and for now, this technique is working for me, so I thought of sharing it with you.


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