The Air Element

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The Air Element
We teach all types of magick. This coven cocentrates on helping you embrace freedom in life.
Priestess :Sweeney_Todd
Priest :HinduPath
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Members :17
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The Air Element is for everyone, and joining this coven means you are becoming part of our family and also is a promise to use it with RESPECT and good will and age is no concern.

We teach the basics, element magick, natural magick, astral projection, spirit work, working with dreams, energy works, psychic talents and more

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control the power of air, you could experience this now. This coven is to help the younger and older, with spells or rituals on air you can practice and perfect. All the spells and rituals on the Air Element are real and have been past down through generations and now pasted on to you and your families. Air should not be messed around with and should be controlled in a save environment.

We also teach other types of magick and will help you grow in skill and knowledge. Ask the priest/ess or the council for help on any topic and we are sure to help if we have knowledge on the subject. The most important rule i would like to impose is that you respect everyone in the coven and keep out of trouble.

Bless be to all.

It will take a maximum of ONE day to be accepted to this coven after a letter has been sent asking for commitment to this coven. Also it is required that you have a profile picture (it doesn't have to be of yourself, just something) and a small bio that includes your experience with magick. All the members and council are said to come to the coven chat whenever coven meeting is held .


We are now sister covens with

Second Sight

Priestess: peaches

Black Cross

Priestess: sares

Priest: Enchanting

Natural Magick

Priestess: DeadLord

Priest: rehvenge

Elemental Magick

Priestess: Queen_Ash

Priest: gravewalkers

Treat all the members of our sister coven as you would the members of your own coven and family. Anyone disrespecting our Sister covens has also disrespected us.

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High Priest :
Council :
Members :
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