the great dark goddess hecate

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The Greek Goddess Hecate, Maiden, other and the Old Crone

Origin: Greece (originally Thracian).

Attributes: Wisdom, eternity, magic, sorcery, prophecy, mystery,

Symbols: Crossroads, blazing torch, hounds, Black Moon, keys, a ring, scepter, crown, torches, and the cauldron

Color: Black.

Hecate (or HEKATE) represents three aspects of the Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone. Never having any children she was a virgin goddess. Hecate was the Goddess of magic, sorcery, the night, moon, ghosts, necromancy, witchcraft and a consort to witches. Hecate with her blazing torch and her spectral hounds was worshiped at the intersections of three roads. Although some have demonized her as an evil sorceress, many cultures have deemed her wise and powerful. A Goddess of the night ensure you only call her Full Moon, while the Moon is waning, and on the dark nights just before the New Moon. The candles you should use in calling this powerful deity should be green, black, or white.

You can call on her in areas of knowledge of magic, witchcraft, enchantment and charms, blessings, spell casting, dream working, healing, purification, incantations, prophecy, reincarnation, lunar magic, psychic work and cauldron spells. But her most powerful magic is associated with profound transformations. If you walk a darker path you can also invoke her for black magic, curses, hexing & vengeance, necromancy and demonology.

Many of those who worshipped her dedicate their work to the dark goddess. Call on Hecate only rarely, and never hold negative thoughts when doing so. When she is invoked, special care must be taken to remain positive and pure in thought as Hecate has a dark side, and if she senses any in you can she exploit it. Great care must be taken when working with Hecate. Hecate is very simple to work with and very active is she answers your call though once called she is not easy to dismiss.

When invoking this dark Goddess she is more probable to send what she thinks you need, more than what you ask for so best as most witches do, just ask for what she thinks you need. Think carefully before invoking this Goddess as it could begin a lifetime of service to her. If using candles to invoke Hecate black and silver candles hold her power.

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