Crystal grids

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Crystal grids are a great way to form energy, and enchant things. They can be used for spells, enchantments and rituals.

To make a crystal grid you will need at least one crystal point and other gemstones you want to use.

When making a crystal grid you need to think of what it's for and what crystals to use because each crystal has a magical property.

Once you have a crystal point and you've decided what crystals to use you can begin with the grid.

A good way to make a crystal grid is either a circle, triangle or square. For a circle you will want to put the crystal point ( generator) in the center of the circle and put the crystals around it, for a triangle you'll need to put the points in the three corners. For a square you can put them in the corners, or if it's a big point you can put it it the middle.

To activate a crystal grid you need a crystal wand (or just a long crystal) if you don't have one you can tie a crystal to your normal wand. To begin you need to visualize energy coming out of the wand and joining the crystals together with a line of energy. Start at any crystal and move your wand from the crystal to the point, do this with all of them so they are all linked to the point. Then your done.

Make sure your crystals are cleansed before you make a grid.

To enchant an item with a grid you need to make a regular grid, but before you activate it put the item above the point, when your activating it link everything to the point then link the point to the item and your done.

If you have any questions please mail me :D

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