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This is juts informational text I have gather and what i know about the universe and how it operates.

The universe

As we know the universe is vast, to big for us to comprehend its size in nature, so in this large vast ocean of mystery where do we even lie? Do we even make a significance in this universe? Is there more than one universe?

So to start off we humans dont even make a big significance in the the universe, first of all the universe is co-created by us anyways. How? well you perceive everything as a thought not matter what it is, our perception is what makes reality, think of it, you only see or know that theirs trees outside is because you perceived it as to be a tree, without our perception we wouldn't be able to know anything, not even ourselves. So the universe is our depiction of reality. In the realm of metaphysics the universe is split into layers, the higher/angelic realm and the lower/demonic realm. We practically reside in the middle but a little bit towards the lower end of the spectrum. The higher you are in this plane of existence the more you realize everything is one, you transcend duality and polarity and move into unity and oneness. When I talk about the higher you go, it means the higher states of consciousness, know that consciousness is the universe itself, meaning you are part of the universe, how? well to sum this short, EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY!!! which means you are intertwined with the person next to you or object next to you or in fact everything!

So the higher you go the more you become one with God/source/ahllah/spirit. In the high realms you manifest things faster.

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