Herbs Associated with the Dead

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Here?s a quick post of herbs used to summon, talk to, or celebrate with the dead. It was created to invoke ancestors specifically, but I hope this helps all of you guys!

Bay leaves promote communication with the dead, are used in funeral wreaths, and shared during ancestral feasts on Samhain.

Birch is associated with rebirth and reincarnation. Blessings for the deceased are written on birch bark and burned.

Cedar is used to summon the dead, and in ancestral feasts.

Elderberries are used to decorate altars during Samhain.

Frankincense is used for purification while communicating with the dead and spiritual transformation.

Holly is associated with resurrection and renewal, thus making it an appropriate decoration for Samhain altars as well.

Lavender is used to bring peace to the dead.

Rosemary is burned in Samhain ancestral feasts to communicate with deceased friends.

Rose represents love, healing, and purification, also making it a great Samhain altar decoration.

Tobacco is used as an offering during ancestral feasts.

Wormwood is used to summon spirits and help them manifest.


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Happy ritual making, and happy Samhain!

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