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Magick whether it be witchcraft or not, comes in many different forms and styles, You are welcome to use multiple forms which appeal to you but you are also welcome to be dedicated and specialized in an area.

Nature Magick- Focuses on balance and harmony. Nature Magick focuses on herbs, stones, trees, and the natural environment. If you are not using the energy of a particular natural object, you are drawing up energy and life force from your natural surroundings. Nature Magick can be used for all purposes, especially healing, fertility, and growth. Also known as Elemental and Green Magick.

Animal Magick- Very similar to Nature Magick, except instead of drawing energy from the enviorment one is drawing energy from an Animal Spirit. Animal Magick, also known as Animal Wisdom, calls on the power of its corresponding kingdom and all of its diversity. Certain Animals are believed to have special abilities and experiences.

Women's Mysteries- Focuses on the moon, the sea, and the stages of Womanhood. Feminine Magick is empowering to its corresponding sex and gender. A woman learns the magickal properties of the womb which offers rebirth. The Blood Mysteries of menstruation, child birth, and menopause are observed and celebrated. Sexuality is also explored and celebrated. An important figure in this magick is the Triple Goddess.

High Magick- This focuses on invoking spirits. The spirit may or may not be an angel or demon. The planets and stars are highly observed. Invocation is used to call up a being into a Triangle of Art to take appearance. Certain organizations such as the Golden Dawn practice this form of magick. Spirits are called on for information and assistance. Although a Magician may use High Magick, a Psychic may also use it.

Necromancy- A much darker magick, Necromancy focuses on calling up spirits of the dead for information and guidance. Although this sounds like the previous branch, Necromancy will appear much differently. A day known for Necromancy is Samhain(Halloween). Necromancy is one of the forms of Magick that was forbidden in the Bible. Use of black mirrors, skulls, black candles, yellow flowers, and graveyard dirt are typically used in this branch. One usually calls on ancestors for assistance, hence the term Ancestor Worship. A more lighter term than Necromancy can be Ancestral Magick.

I know there are probably some more branches we have yet to discover but until then I will keep this updated.

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