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names of gods and demons that hold great significance

The names of gods and others that have been handed down through generations are considered to be significant and effective in magick because they contain and transmit the power of the god or demon. The various grimoires contain names of power which are used during incantation in the construction of a magick circle when the relevant names are chanted over and over again, in the course of evoking spirits and making them obey the magician's wishes. The pronouncing of a name of power automatically brings the power of the god or demon into operation, and the repeated chanting of the name not only taps the power of the entity being summoned, but also works the magician up into a state of frenzy in which supernatural forces and his own inner energy become united and reach a pitch where he is satisfied that he is able to compel the spirit to appear and obey commands.

Such names of power are:

Abac, Achides, Achilla, Adam, Adonai (ADNY), Agios, Agia, Agnon, Aldal, Alpha, Asmoedeas, Aumgn, Beroth, Buseeognation, Cados, Craton, Delgaliel, Derisor, Destatur, Diaton, Ehyeh, El, El Oristan, Eloa, Elohim, Emmanuel, Gabriel, Gomeh, Guthae, Guthor, Hain, Havayoth, Helim, Hilay, Hudac, lat, Ischyros, Isis, Jehovah, Laaval, Ledieha, Lendiction, Lon, Mach, Maton, Melekh, Messias, Metatron, Michael, Milia, Monachiel, Muriton, Noth, Ob, Omega, Panthon, Pentessaron, Radisha, Raphael, Ruach, Sabaoth, Sadai, Sechiel, Shaddai, Sibylla, Sifton, Sorthie, Sorthios, Sorthis, Tegra, Tetragrammaton, Tistator, Uriel, Venibbeth, Yah and Yod He Vau He (YHVH).

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