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Defines the difference for Practitioners of the path.

Wolf Magick

Along with many practitioners, the followers of the Werewolf path separate Magic and Magick. According to information, Magic includes simple trickery or sleight of hand that has no ?supernatural powers?. This type of magic uses any means necessary to manipulate a situation, event or even a person into doing or thinking as the Practitioner wills. In this form, thoughts can be projected around the world via internet, television or even radio. Thinking back to the hypnoses class, we know that we are influenced by others thoughts every day, some subtle others not as much.

As with many forms of the arts, Magick, spelled with the K, is perceived as a supernatural influence. In this path, the act is perceived as one?s ability to psychologically influence those around you as well as yourself into doing as the Practitioner Wills. Magick is used to manipulate the mind of another via supernatural influence as Practitioners of the path understand magick to be a supernatural influence.

Wolf Magic/k

The Wolf path encourages the use of Magic as well as Magick. As with some of the other paths in the arts, in combining the two forms, this type of Magic/k has a better potential for achieving the task the Practitioner desires allowing the full manipulation of an event, situation or a person into doing what the practitioner wills. Within the werewolf path, the combining of the two forms is referred to as Magic/k is seen as the art and science of combining trickery and supernatural influence in order to create a change in the conformity of the practitioners will.

Werewolf bible, Legacy chronicles and my own view on the topic.

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