How to bond with a deity

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This is to give you an idea or layout of how you can connect and bond with a deity.

There are many different ways to bond with a deity. To begin, I will share my experience with Loki and I.

When I was just starting out on my path, I didn't know which way to go! I kind of just went with what connected to me. I felt like I connected to the deities of the Norse. The first deity I called out to was Loki. At first I was curious about Loki. I'll admit I fell in love with Marvel's Loki rather than the real Loki. He answered my calls, and we kind of talked back and forth. Now, how does a mortal and a deity talk back and forth? There is a method called channeling. Anyone can channel a spirit or a deity. Another way is to just outright talk to the deity like you would another human. Before I was actually able to talk with Loki, he communicated to me with his energy. Every time I was meditating, I could feel his energy around me, observing me. I would try to imagine what he was saying whenever we were communicating. After I learned to properly channel, Loki and I were able to communicate much better.

Bonding with a deity is different for everyone. You won't have an experience like mine. Some good ways to bond are to put out offerings, do good things in their name, give them energy, and be devout to them. If the deity shows no feedback, it's likely the deity doesn't want to get to know you or doesn't want to work with you. Don't fret over this. Just move on. I hope you all like this article. Any questions, comments or concerns? Mail me right away!

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