Meeting the Angel of Protection

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helps you to consciously be aware of your guardian angel, and helps you to contact them to enhance your psychic protection

Spend a few minutes relaxing, breathing gently and evenly and letting any tension flow out of your body through your hands and feet.

When you are ready, picture a shaft of light coming down in front of you. This shaft of light reaches from the angelic realms down to the earth plane. Ask that your Angel of Protection to travel down this shaft of light to meet you.

When your angel arrives, feel it move to stand behind you, wrapping you in their protective wings. Spend as long as you like with your angel, building up the trust and enjoying the sense of protection. Ask your angel to be with you whenever you need protection. Affirm to yourself that this will be so.

Ask your angel to show you a 'call sign', something you only need think about to have your angel present. Ask your angel to leave and practise calling a few times so that you will know that your angel will come when you have need.

Then THANK YOUR ANGEL for being there. The shaft of light will then recede back to the angelic realms.

Before opening your eyes, check that your aura is enclosed in a bubble of light and that the earth chakra beneath your feet is open nad grounding you. Then, when you are ready, bring your attention fully back into the room and open your eyes.

Flower essence for angelic contact

ANgel of protection (Korte); Angelsword (Bush); Bromelia 2 (Arare); Chiming bells and Kunzite (Alaskan)

Crystals for angelic contact

Celestite (particularly angelite); Selenite; muskovite; Aquamarine; danburite; Morganite

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