Candle Prayer Magick

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One of the simplest and most effective kinds of magick is candle prayer magick.

You can tell how quickly your desire will come true by the way the candle burns:

  • If the candle emits a black smoke when you first light it, it is removing negative energy from your desire, helping you manifest it faster.
  • If the smoke is white, your desire will come true, but there may be some delay or struggle before this happens.
  • If the flame of the candle is weak, the candle is working very hard in order to remove an obstacle to you getting your heart’s desire, but it may take time. There is heavy opposition against you, and you may need to have patience
  • If the flame is jumping, there is spiritual warfare going on. The flame is fighting back against a psychic attack
  • If the smoke is blowing in your direction, your prayer is being acknowledged, and will be easily granted.
  • If the smoke is blowing away from you, you will still need to persevere a lot in order to have your desire come true.
  • If the smoke is blowing to the right, you will have success if you use your intellect in order to obtain your desire.
  • If the smoke is blowing to the left, you are being warned that you are becoming too emotionally involved in your desire, which may prevent it from coming true.
  • If you hear a crackling sound as the candle is being burnt, then Spirit is working against some opposition on your behalf.

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