The Perils of Immortality

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Some advice before doing immortality spells.

The immortality spell does have its drawbacks. It can work for some people but for those people, they end up not dying but without proper precautions, it can be devastating.

As the result of the spells that I did to prolong my life, it seems like events changed to the point in which it prevented me from dying when I wanted to but at the same time, getting harrassed that immortality doesn't exist, and looking so young, I was but a 18-year old high schooler in their eyes. It may seem okay but really consider this. You are young and people don't believe you. Then when you get older age-wise, people remark on how many expensive plastic surgery you've gone through, how you are merely "cheating the age" and more importantly, we don't always know if they really work.

Another thing too is to follow the diet, which you will find online at or goggle 100 year diet. Or go vegan, which is harder than it seems provided that the hardest route is to be in a raw vegan lifestyle as well as decrease the chances of you dying physically and mentally. Meaning doing brain exercises, learning new things, keeping the mind balanced, and keeping the body fit and healthy. The oldest surviving cars that are shiny and all that took years of refurishing and keeping alive for most of them. If there is such things as "immortal" cars and "refurished" cars, then supposed that the human body's immortality takes much more effort than merely replacing the car parts and repainting it. It takes a life time to do that as well.

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