Using Your Personal Magick

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I wanted to share my knowledge on using your personal power.

Imagination is a force. It is the will of the psyche, the subconscious through imagination, visualization, and will. You can direct your psychic energies (personal power).

Let's start by holding your dominate (power) hand out. That's the hand you write with but any hand will do. Now will your energy and thought through your hand at your target person, place, or thing and speak your desire.

Next let's make a psychic ball. Rub your hands together and hold them, molding your energy into a ball and see this with your imagination and visualization. Give your thought form. Throw it at your target to control or influence them.

Next let's train your eyes. Gaze at a light source a candle or lamp about 3 minutes, then look away. The light that will remain in view, will this to take shape and color. You will see it happen. You can direct your psychic energy at your target through your eyes without using your hands. You will find the right hand energizes easier, the left hand drains psychic energy easier. You can charge objects by warming them, energizing them with your psychic energy, your power is your life force. Your mind is reality, you are a power that be.

I hope this helped you. Blessed Be )O(

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