Greek Gods and Goddesses

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The 12 Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece


Zeus: The king of the Gods with the sign of thunder represents power, the elements and generally the weather, fertility the wise one that manipulated the fate of humans. Likely for him to sleep with humans and having children with them.


Aries: The God of war


Poseidon: The God of the sea and all the creatures in it.


Hermes: The messager of the Gods he was wearing sandshoes with wings so he could fly and give the messages around.


Apollo: The God of light, poetry, music, divination and sense also called lyckios (the wolf one) because is said to be that his mother was followed by a pack of wolves and turned into a wolf before she gave birth. Also he is the most handsome God.


Hephaestus: The God of fire and he was the one that made the weapons of Gods. His mother died before he born so Zeus took him out and kept him in his foot that's why he was lame.


Ira: Zeus's wife and sister represents the marriage and faith though very envious and has a big antagonism with Zeus which represents the antagonism between men and women.


Athena: The Goddess of justice, wisdom and arts


Aphrodite: The Goddess of beauty, love and piece is said to be the most beautiful appereance among Gods and humans.


Dimitra: The Goddess of nature


Estia: The Goddess of familly, home, and fire


Artemis: Goddess of hunt, wild nature, animals and fertility

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